Football Stadium Access Control System in Sudan

Life in many cases require the use of a variety of ticket (such as various types of scenic spots, railway, highway, shipping and other sectors of charge ticket), traditional ticket selling and ticket management are based mainly manual work, resulting in a certain peak hours, a lack of labor, decreased productivity, and management can not be made accurate statistics to reasonable arrangements staff, the final result is leading to customer complaints.

Bar code technology:
Barcode is the most economical and practical an automatic identification technology so far. Bar code technology has the advantages of the following aspects:
A. fast Input speed: Compared with the keyboard, bar code input speed is 5 times faster than keyboard input, and can achievereal-time data input.
B. High reliability: the keyboard input data error rate for the one three- hundredth error rate, using optical character recognition technology whose error rate is one millionth, while using bar code technology whose error rate is less than one in a million.
C. Collecting large amount of information: the use of a traditional one-dimensional bar code information can be collected dozens of characters two-dimensional bar code can carry more information reach to thousands of characters, and there are some automatic error correction capability.
د. Flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification used alone, and can also identify the equipment as a system to automate the identification, can also link up with other control devices to automate management.


Collect user information of soccer field, put them into the repository, ثم, hand the users a small card with a bar code. When user enters, scan the card. If his information matches , he can enter football stadium.


High efficiency, low cost is a distinctive feature of bar code technology in ticket management system applications, Radall combined with its advanced technology and products in the field of bar code to achieve a variety of ticket production and automated management using bar code technology, allowing users to bid farewell to the manual ticket cumbersome and inefficient.



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