Scanner for Storage Warehouse

Ensure a Smooth Warehousing and Inventory Management
To flourishing Warehousing industry, ensure the best efficiency and productivity, correctly update the information and retrieve data are more important than in the past.

Today’s typical storage environment is still dusty, صاخبة والإضاءة الخافتة, at the loading dock and receiving area is vulnerable to climatic factors can not operate smoothly. And unstable wireless network, met in a dead faint signal will lead to some problems, and also a problem faced by many storage. Exposure to such harsh operating environment, many questions on data derived from the collection and management, will be delayed until the corporate decision-making, and have to spend more unnecessary labor costs, making a mess for the company.

But at the same time, rugged mobile data terminals and handheld scanners came into being, it was designed to harsh warehouse environment. Even shaking, dust or dimly lit environments around, they can have reliable performance. Stable wireless network connectivity and software tools easily on warehouse workers can make immediate data to the back-end systems. Plus a variety of different heads choice, better able to meet all the needs of different warehouses. Use storage warehouse barcode scanner, workers are able to get more done correctly with less time, to achieve real-time inventory data management, warehousing operations effectively implemented, could significantly improve productivity.

Goods Receipt and Payment
When receiving the goods, Staff use storage warehouse receipt bar code scanner to scan a single bar code on the goods and for cross-comparison in order to confirm the correctness of the item was received, and to mark the missing merchandise to avoid over payments. While in receipt of the data can also be transferred to synchronize inventory system to update the database, so that everyone can always get the latest information. And during picking operations, workers only need access to the system, they can find the goods stored in the correct number of storage spaces and shelves, and scan the bar code on the shelves to confirm once again, to reduce the process of picking the wrong set of inventory possibility.

Selection and Delivery of Goods
When prepare for shipment, storage warehouse staff can use the scanner to scan the bar code on the order to confirm the goods warehouse storage position, and can be completed prior to shipment in the cargo area to the selection, scan the bar code on each package again to confirm, at the same time to transfer the data to the back-end system to automatically update stock levels, in order to track and prevent potential error occurred. في نفس الوقت, staff in the shipping area can confirm the contents of the shipment operation again from the remote print shipping labels through the label affixed, and to update the inventory system to track shipments content.

Movement Inventory Management
With a wireless network connection capability of the mobile data terminal or storage warehouse barcode scanner, store personnel can help automatically process orders, data transfer operations and simplify the logistics operations to improve workflow efficiency. When the service personnel under orders from the office, the mobile data terminals can transmit data back to the backend database via a wireless LAN, letting warehouse staff begin preparations to ship the operating procedures immediately after obtaining the information. Also, personnel and other business-related executives can borrow from the hands of the data terminal to check stock status, and can keep track of the many in and out of the latest status of the order, packaging, cartons and pallets.

Shift Positions Job
Before delivery of goods arrived in loading areas, staff can download all data shift positions and a library instruction through a wireless local area network (WLAN) from the wireless access point (AP) server, and after all the goods shipped, will stock update back after the wireless access point (AP) server, back-end systems so that data can be kept up to date. Wireless LAN networking capabilities of mobile data terminals and storage warehouse bar code scanner allows workflow more efficient, more smoothly, so that the staff simply easier to track goods shipped state, makes the error to a minimum, and can significantly improve efficiency and reduce personnel expenses and save storage space.