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Today’s typical storage environment is still dusty, noisy and dark, at the loading dock and receiving area is vulnerable, effecting by climatic factors frequently, it can not operate smoothly. And unstable wireless network, met in a dead faint signal will appear, and also a problem faced by many warehouse . Work in such a harsh operating environment, many questions on data derived from the collection and management, will be delayed the corporate decision-making, and have to spend more unnecessary labor costs, in order to guide everything back as usual.


أولا, the preparation is to make bar code for product shelves and different types of goods. Combine bar codes, RFID technology and mobile technology, wireless network for data collection and track record in all aspects of the material in the internal logistics, inventory item storage, consumption, shift, المخزون, ingredients, picking out cargo, transport and other operations to conduct a comprehensive control and management, effective use of warehouse storage space, improve storage capacity warehouse, and ultimately improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise storage space utilization rate and corporate materials management, reduce inventory costs, improve enterprise market competitiveness.


Workers use barcode handheld terminal to manage the warehouse, simply, conveniently and fast. Such applications can make warehouse worker vacated more time to manage stock and manage warehouse better.

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