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What barcode scanner is suitable for retail store selling wine and tobacco? Recently ,many customers are searching for a barcode scanner which is perfect for retail stores selling wine and tobacco. Generally we based on the type of barcode and working environment while choosing barcode scanners. And most of barcode in the packing box of […]

At present, there are many kinds of brands of barcode scanners in the market. In that case, you may face a lot of choices before you choose the right one . Therefore, how can you choose the appropriate one .our professional services reckon the following reasons you must take into consideration before your purchase. Firstly […]

1D barcode scanner If you are looking to read “conventional” 1D barcodes (these are the ones commonly found on most supermarket products you would purchase) then all you need is a 1D barcode scanner. 1D barcode scanners are capable of reading 1D barcodes ONLY. 1D barcodes typically hold a single line of information, such as a part number. […]

Laser barcode scanner bar code scanner in a variety of relatively high prices, but the scan function it can provide the highest index, so they have been widely used in various industries. Here Xiaobian sequentially scan the following analysis from the working principle, scan mode, the advantages and disadvantages: A laser bar code scanner works: […]

Barcode scanner need to install any software or drivers? I think for the first time to use the bar code scanner customers, these may be the most common will consult the problem, there may be some suppliers will answer you, “barcode scanner plug and play Yeah, you do not need to install any drivers or […]

How to use Serial scanner? How to RS232 serial data line and the Barcode Scanner connected? Most users may have become accustomed to using a plug and play USB scanner, port scanner for it is very strange, do not know how to connect. In fact, using the serial data line and did not we think […]

Q: When the Barcode scanners unresponsive, how to solve? A: About unresponsive scanner solutions, please refer to the following points: 1) is not beyond your ability to identify that support barcode scanner itself is not good to sweep, for example, bar code too broad and too dense and the like. 2) it is not generally […]

How do barcode scanners work?

September 16, 2015

Q: How do barcode scanners work? A: There is a linear photodiode within the scanner head. This photodiode can read the reflected light off the lines on the barcode. This reflection is a digital image that is then scanned electronically within the devise. When the image is scanned electronically, each bar on the barcode is […]

Why use serial barcode scanner?

September 15, 2015

In fact, the serial barcode scanner and keyboard bar code scanner, its advantages and disadvantages are a: external power supply. External power supply in appearance a little ugly, but shall Cadogan a power connector, but because of this, it does not use the computer’s power, the voltage is guaranteed. Some barcode scanner for voltage requirements are relatively high, the keyboard port connected barcode scanner after this load, the voltage is low down, not working. And serial port can be connected to a variety of host devices: PC, cash registers, terminals, keyboard wedge barcode scanner application scope as good as it. Here to make a comparison, in fact, you should choose the serial port or keyboard port according to their own needs.

Many of my friends are asking what is different factories with bar code scanner with bar code scanner and a supermarket, I’ll probably talk about plants and supermarket scanner with scan guns are different. 1) The bar code scanner of different IP rating First we have to understand what is the IP rating barcode scanner, barcode scanner IP rating is one of the important safety performance of electrical products, often called enclosure rating. The group figures refer fixture lamp housing to ensure safe operation in the corresponding natural environment, without the outside world unsafe. The former refers to the bar code scanner to prevent the intrusion of the outside world solids or liquids, it does not produce a short circuit and fire, causing an accident; the latter refers to the bar code scanner to prevent electric shock, ensure the safety of the user or inadvertent contact with people or animals ʱ?? Invasion of rain water and flooding etc:; Many factors have an impact on the natural environment, electrical safety, shock and vibration, corrosion, explosion, temperature, etc., but the most common are:: solid liquid people, animals, tools and dust ʱ?? Let us think about the industrial environment and the supermarket environment, we know that the industrial environment with respect to the market, the supermarket environment is relatively poor, and in the process using the scanner, is likely to encounter the liquid invasion, more severe shock and vibration, a lot of dust and other factors. So industrial use scanner usually industrial rating, to determine the scanner’s stability and reliability, who do not want to buy a gun on the day of the scan fails, delays normal production. Instead shopping malls, supermarkets environment scanner IP rating requirements greatly reduced. 2) Different Barcode Scanner Price Industrial barcode scanner typically has a shatterproof, dustproof, waterproof function, so barcode scanner prices are relatively high. Shopping malls, supermarket bar code scanner, although a certain IP rating, but in order to cost considerations, the general assessment of industrial grade is low. You can not use at the supermarket barcode scanner to malicious throw, or soaked in water, it is generally ranging from a few hundred to a thousand mall / supermarket barcode scanner prices, relative to the low industrial lot. Factories with bar code scanner and a supermarket bar code scanner, although different, but they are the ultimate aim was to better capture the bar code scanning. Only for the needs of different environment with a different barcode scanner only. When then come out of another interesting question, whether shopping malls, supermarkets with less than bar code barcode scanner sweep, with industrial use of barcode scanner you can scan it, the answer is no. Unable to scan the bar code of issues that affect many factors, here is not to expand introduced in other relevant article has been analyzed in detail. 3) different bar code scanning gun scanning performance Industrial applications environment is very complex, sometimes barcode scanner must scan bar codes in bright light, and sometimes must operate in outdoor, sometimes long-range bar code scanning must sometimes have to scan the bar code density is relatively high, resulting in these various factors Acquisition of the ordinary bar code scanner can not meet the special requirements of industrial environments barcode. Shopping malls and supermarkets are the most common barcode EAN-13 yards, many products are printed bar code, bar code quality is very good, it is easy to scan, barcode scanner classification there are many, but no matter which category of barcode scanning gun, are generally able to scan.