Barcode Scanner for Health and Hospital

Innovative medical industry barcode scanner is made of body shell which is able to disinfected, to ensure thatfive correctachieving patient’s safety, that is the correct doctor or nurse, the correct medicine, correct dose, correct route of administration and correct time. Gleichzeitig, it helps reduce the risk of proliferation of infectious diseases.

How a medical barcode scanner applies?
With thousands of bar code scanning equipment used in medical facilities around the world, bar code scanning and mobile technology has accumulated a wealth of expertise to help hospitals solve their toughest challenges. Innovative medical industry barcode scanner is made of body shell which is able to disinfected, to ensure patient safety in doctor or nurse achievefive correct”, at the same time, it helps reduce the risk of proliferation of infectious diseases. Applications Medical barcode scanners’ application: when a the patient begin to live at hospital, the nurse will distribute a wristlet with a bar code to him/her, so health care workers can accurately identify all hospitalized patients. Each time you use medical barcode scanner to scan the bar code on wristlet, nurses in all departments can- timely get patient’s information which is the most essential just beside around patient’s bed.

Medical barcode scanner applies on collecting samples:
Thanks to the barcode on the sample testing and laboratory applications, hospitals and laboratories greatly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the assay sample tracking. Medical barcode scanner can be used in a laboratory or clinical scan these barcodes to record the transmission path and achieve accurate results entry, while significantly reducing errors caused by the manual data entry. Mobile terminal designed for medical designed to reduce hospital and laboratory mistakes and costs, while improving user security.

Medical barcode scanners applies on clinical care:
Each year, as many as tens of thousands of people killed because of medical malpractice. In order to substantially reduce medical errors, mobile terminal technology is gradually being adopted in clinical care, such as medical special bar code scanner. Nurses can use medical barcode scanner to scan bar codes on the credential card themselves, and the patient’s and priorly scan medication administered, blood transfusion bags, and food dish meal. And in order to ensure a correct match with the patient sample testing, the clinician can immediately labeled and scanned blood or other samples just beside the bed. Use barcode for identification and clinical validation, not only reduces errors, but also to enhance efficiency, increase cost-effectiveness.

Medical barcode scanners applies on pharmacy:
In the hospital pharmacy, most of pharmaceutical packaging has barcodes on them. At the point of care using medical barcode scanner to scan the bar code label so that they can promptly verify and record medication formulated to ensure that thefive rights”, that is the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route of administration and the correct time. This will not only ensure patient safety, but also simplify the procedures to update patient records.

Medical barcode scanner applies on Materials Management:
Successful patient care needs to put the correct medical supplies into use at the right time. Maintenance and distribution of medical supplies, medical personnel and inventory will take a large part of the medical personnel. So employees have access to relevant and medical supplies inventory and order information is very important to maintain. This ensures proper inventory levels and track changes in a timely manner, so that the medical staff can concentrate on patient care. Medical barcode scanners can be used in automatic data collection, recording and filling sheets, thereby determining how and where medical supplies inventory receipt, storage and use. This provides better control of medical supplies inventory to ensure proper implementation of the rules and procedures for possible.

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