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02Apr 2016 What barcode scanner is suitable for retail store selling wine and tobacco? Recently ,many customers are searching for a barcode scanner which is perfect for retail stores selling wine and tobacco. Generally we based on the type of barcode and working environment while choosing barcode scanners. And most of barcode in the packing box of […]

اسواق الاسهم السعودية
14Sep 2015 Q: Which ones bar code scanner with memory function? There are many customers will estimate the existence of such doubt, do not know how to choose the right barcode scanner for their own use. We can give a simple example, such as some industry needs to warehouse inventory, warehouse goods but because of the location […]

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14Sep 2015

الصفحة الرئيسية Q:There is the installation position bar code scanner reads the transmission belt rails have a relation? A: There is the installation position bar code scanner reads the transmission belt rails have a relation? The answer is yes. Because the laser directly reflected back from the metal surface of the bar code scanner receiver. Specular reflection flock […]

فوركس التداول الآلى
06Aug 2015 موعد تداول الاسهم الجديده May we are very familiar with wired scanners, because mostly the wired scanner just need to plug before work, you only need one cable to connect to a computer can immediately use, no other operations, and the wireless barcode scanner which is just need to insert the USB mini-receiver is able to scan the bar […]

18Jul 2015

موقع البورصة الكويتية اسهم وربة Scanner usually refers to barcode scanners, barcode scanner and bar code readers and other equipment. In addition, bluetooth barcode scanner, also known as bluetooth android barcode scanner or IOS barcode scanner. Barcode scanner generally consists of a light source, optical lens, scanning module, analog to digital conversion circuitry plus plastic housing. It used the photovoltaic […]

18Jul 2015 Due to the QR code cost low, its information move with the mobile carrier without relying on a database and computer networks and secret security and other advantages. Combined with the large population, investment funds of the computer network seems more difficult. If we want a highly safe management system, it is highly necessary to […]

11Jul 2015 Barcode scanner platform and an ordinary barcode scanner gun differ mainly in the following two aspects: Figure design Barcode scanning platform also known as orbit scanner, it can be placed in parallel on the desktop, as shown in the picture, most often used in the supermarket cash register and so on, so in order to […]

07Jul 2015

تقرير كامل NO.1 Super decoding capability The new decoding scheme, equipped with 32-bit ARM CPU can scan bar codes to international standards, to read quickly and accurately; even poorly printed bar codes and subtle one such as 3 mil are fine. NO.2 Industrial waterproof performance Industrial grade IP67 protection class(IP67 Ingress Protection Rating), after the body soaked […]

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