Recommendation: ★★★★★★★

Pretty appearance: Exclusive IP67 class professional whole body washed scanner design unique and innovative mix of bright colors, individuality, stylish, 70% soft protection, real high quality.

Zero failures, zero repair: After several testing, the scanner higher than the industrial standard.

Fast decoding system: 32bit scanning speed, timely upload the scanned data, effort and worry!

Correction rate of more than 99%: Each scan can be accurate, greatly improve work efficiency:

anti-drop capability: After numerous drop test, still intact!

500 m super far transmission: Wireless freedom, breaking the previous transmission distance.

Speed charging, large capacitance: Exclusive base, work while charge, convenient and simple, long time!

RD- 6650AT laser barcode scanner 32 bit

RD-6650 laser barcode scanner 32 bit

RD-6850 laser barcode scanner

RD-6860W Wireless barcode scanner

RD-6870W wireless laser barcode scanner

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