1. Compact structure, easy paper load, water proof, oil proof, dust proof

2. High speed words and image printing, excelent printing quality, steady performance

3. Buyer’s language

4. Print prompt and error warning

5. Ultra big durable gear long lifetime, low repair rate, applicabile con vari software

6. High speen download printing, support Win 9X/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/Linux system
7. Various interface, multiple choice

8. Option partial or whole cutter, no jamming problem

9. Black mark orientation, ri-print funzione
10. Programmed to avoid printing order lost

11. Compatible with EPSON /TM210/TM220

12. Support 256K bytes NV logo download store and print
13. Support wall mountable
14. Support kitchen printing
15. support cable truncking structure design
16. Support printer states minitor function, control printer’s states at any time

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