The power usage records scheme


In modern society, people’s living standards improve, the growing social demand for electricity consumption, billing records, is an important part of the marketing for electricity suppliers, and it is the foundation to charged from user in full and timely. It is the key of achieving maximum business efficiency.
Manually recording meter data, inevitably occurs as follows: statistical data is not accurate, can not be a true reflection of the electricity consumption; operation unstandard, resulting in unknown loss; data collection is not timely, can not be a true reflection of the system status, users are not effectively monitor ; labor-consume, high cost and low efficiency.

Staff in the power supply bureau download all user information to be recorded. When staff records, simply use the portable data collection terminal to read bar code, scanning one-dimensional of users (no need fixed operating line or enter account number) read user information (when account number does not scan bar codes, not the normal input power data) use the keyboard input of the month of electricity, collected automatically complete calculation. Staff can also scan the bar code directly on the power metre, there is automatic terminal users and consumption statistics, the user can print the document on the spot by a portable printer, or return to the power supply bureau to complete the upload.


Scanning the one-dimensional bar code input replaced input the user number, greatly reducing the workload of worker to records, and because no provision of the working line, make reasonable arrangements for staff to choose. At the same time, it is good for job evaluation. Barcode scanner creates more accurate, efficient, and timely feedback meter data, effectively help to improve the charge of electricity, which can help to develop the work plan in line with the actual area, adapting to local conditions, and strengthen the part of the management utilities.


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