Blutooth Printer

Blutooth Printer

RD-F001 Mini Bluetooth 1D Barcode Scanner

دورات الفوركس Model Number: RD-F001
بوب إلى هذا الموقع Short Description:
Wearable ring with swivel-head design enables right-handed operation
Supports 1D codes.
Programmed to better read incomplete and fuzzy codes.
Service life of button reaches up to 8 millions times
Supporting keyboards of over 20 countries and regions.
Data conection to a smartphone,tablet, or PC throught Bluetooth orUSB

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RD-80LY Bluetooth Printer فكرت في هذا Model Number: RD-80LY
قراءة هذه المشاركة هنا Short Description:
1. It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suitable for outdoor work environments
2.High capacity rechargeable lithum battery and standby time 5-6days Fully charge
3.Multi language support, more than 73 lanugage

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