Пятачок система профилактики заболеваний в Казахстане


With the development of large-scale agricultural production, farmers increasingly need to work carefully and correct management. Especially when some of the epidemic among animals, standardized management is essential.

In October 2011, we received a request of the Kazakhstan guests, who asked us for piglet prevention solutions.



According to the different characteristics of each pig to code and make tags that can be used to identify both the track and the treatment pigs. Then, workers can get pigs’ past inspection records, past medical history, medication records, inspection and examination report, the current progression of the disease situation, each species inspection findings. Using bar code scanner can easily get the information for each pig, so its reasonable individuation management.



From the above example, we can feel, if the lack of effective management system and standardized management tools, will spend more time and manpower. However, the use of bar code intelligence, its information record. Bar Code of pigs blood, body fluids for automatic management, instead of the previous artificial handwritten label management, greatly improving the efficiency and reduce the error rate, thereby improving efficiency of farmers.

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