What barcode scanner is suitable for retail store selling wine and tobacco? Recently ,many customers are searching for a barcode scanner which is perfect for retail stores selling wine and tobacco.

Generally we based on the type of barcode and working environment while choosing barcode scanners. And most of barcode in the packing box of wine and tobacco is 1dimensional barcode, picture is as followed. However retail stores selling wine and tobacco is unlike supermarkets which is rather frequently and fast-paced. Therefore , the requirements on speed would not be much high. Our professional team advise the ordinary laser barcode scanner or CCD barcode scanner may meet you needs.

RD-2019 car remote code scanner 1D WIRED china wholesale cheap barcode reader barcode reader

• 1.Unique trigger design, very comfortable operation sense.
• 2. Fast and accurate in reading all 1D codes.
• 3.Programmed to better read incomplete and fuzzy codes.
• 4.Service life of button reaches up to 5 millions times
• 5.Supporting keyboards of over 20 countries and regions.
• 6.360°all direction-adjustable stainless steel cradle.(optional)
• 7.Full quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof, antiknock-design and EMI Shielding; Suitable with each kind of industrial environment.

RD-1900H Water Proof High Speed Handheld Wired CCD Barcode Scanner

1.Streamline, slim and ergonomic design
2.Superior scanning performance
3.Built-in decoder
4.LED scan indicator and programmable beeper
5.Flexible communication

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